It was a good week. Cupcakes were eaten.

I haven’t been blogging as regularly this week.

Alas, there has been too much going on (in real life)!  And the Husband is working on a new blog / blog design which means that this little blog will be moving soon, again.  Although, unlike past moves, the content will be moving over as well.  Just a new name.

Enough of that administrative crap stuff.  All of the cool kids are talking about what they did this week.

So here’s a quick glimpse at what I’ve been doing:


1.) Volunteering!  This week some girls from my church group went to a homeless shelter to sort shoes for a few hours.  Trying to search for matches in thousands of shoes strewn about the floor, tables, shelves… it’s harder than one might think.

2.) Wearing yellow.  Is this an activity? It should be because I’m wearing the same cardigan today as I wore in the above picture (taken on Tuesday).  It’s ok to wear the same cardigan to work a few days per week, right?  I say yes, I’m hereby giving myself permission.

3.) Brunch with friends!  Well, this is technically from Sunday, but you get the idea.  It was fun, lots of fun.  We went to Sable and it was delicious.

4.) Bachelorette Party!  I went to a bachelorette party last night and we decorated cupcakes.  I ate all three of mine. There was one chocolate, one vanilla, one red velvet… I don’t even like red velvet but I ate it like a champion.  The frosting was delicious.  Seriously, so good.  Then all 20 or so of us ladies went out to the bars. This morning I’m regretting all things ate and drank last night.

I’m pretty sure my body wasn’t made to digest copious amounts of cupcakes, hard cider, and champagne.  Man up, body!

I have very few links to recommend today, but quality over quantity, people:

A great post on the pursuit of happiness.

I wish I had read this post sooner.

I hope everyone is having a most-fantastic week!


If at first you don’t succeed, continue baking the damn eclairs.

In case you haven’t noticed or aren’t fortunate enough to live in the midwest during winter… it’s fucking really, really cold here.  Today feels balmy in the 20’s, that’s how bad it’s been. Take Friday for example… I woke up 10 minutes earlier than usual to put on all of my layers, just to jog a half mile to the gym.

I ran in a full winter jacket and snow pants.   I used to be tougher than this and could handle any run in a few long sleeves and tights, but now I’m a wimp. Don’t judge me. 

My body wasn’t cold (it was a 5 minute jog!) but my lungs were screaming and I think I developed brain freeze by breathing.  Awesome.

*Sidenote, I must admit, I think reading ‘Game of Thrones’ is causing me to become more paranoid about the cold weather.  All I can think of is ‘WINTER IS COMING!  OH NO!’  Uhhh, duh Lisa, it’s February in Chicago. Winter has been here.*

The lock of my apartment complex froze and refused to open. Luckily, there is a used bookstore across the street from me and I was able to hang out there until the Husband came to rescue me.

The lock on the gate of my apartment complex froze and refused to open. Luckily, there is a used bookstore across the street from me and I was able to hang out there until the Husband came to rescue me.

Anyway, this weekend I spent my time doing plenty of indoor activities:

  • Reading ‘Game of Thrones’
  • Watching hockey and eating pizza and drinking beer with friends
  • Wearing my new sweaters/cardigans
  • Drinking butterscotch schnapps and hot chocolate
  • Eating dinner and going to a bar with my girlfriends
  • Watching the Superbowl with the Husband and his family

What I also did was bake chocolate eclair cupcakes from scratch.  You see, it was the Husband’s dad’s birthday yesterday and we all went over to the Husband’s parents’ house to celebrate, and he likes chocolate eclairs… so I figured I would make them into cupcakes!  I should really get some ‘wife points’ or maybe even ‘daughter-in-law points’ for this.

Anyway, I found a recipe for the cupcakes so I thought baking these things would be super-easy and take about an hour.  Any recipe found through random Google searches must be great, right?!


The recipe I originally used was awful and I created two batches that had to be thrown away.  Then I made filling that had to be thrown away.  Seriously, the filling somehow turned into a solid omelette.  This is never a good sign.

Well, finally I wised up and created my own recipe from lots of other recipes on the oh-so-wise internet. In the end, everything turned out great.

It only took about 5 hours.  Oy vey.

Please direct your attention to the top right picture... see how flat the first batch turned out compared to the second?!  But, eventual success!

Please direct your attention to the top right picture… see how flat the first batch turned out compared to the second?! But, eventual success!

It was a good thing I had plans to go out drinking after this ordeal, because I have a super-low tolerance for kitchen mishaps and was in desperate need of vodka after taking the second batch of ruined eclairs out of the oven.

Luckily, third time’s the charm, and I can proudly say I defeated the chocolate eclair cupcakes.

Domesticity is within my reach….

I hope you had a warm and delicious Superbowl weekend!

There are certain types of cupcakes that can (and should) totally be eaten for breakfast.


Yesterday I made snickerdoodle cupcakes (from scratch) before noon.  This is the definition of success!  The wine in the picture is kind of a lie, because I drank it on Friday night while making lentil meatballs, but then I drank a lot of wine yesterday celebrating my dad’s birthday (and eating the cupcakes) so you see, it all works out.

As  bonus, our apartment was filled with smells of cinnamon.  Scrumptious.  And, as a second added bonus, everyone loved the cupcakes and I wasn’t forced to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner… which has happened a time or two before with baked goods.  I still lack some confidence in my baking abilities, so when people like my ‘creations’ I get pretty excited.

We spent yesterday at my dad’s house hanging out with family and eating pasta with shrimp and wine sauce and black bean soup and cheese and crackers and cupcakes… it really was my dream meal, and it wasn’t even my birthday!   A good time was had by all.

Today is a relaxing day in our house. I’m watching hockey, then plan on transitioning to football… I already went to the gym and had a massage and later we may even cook dinner.  The Husband has promised me quinoa burgers and I am quite excited!  Have I mentioned how much I really enjoy being married (to a man who cooks)?

Even our little monster is resting today.

Even our little monster is resting today.

I hope everyone is having a very-wonderful weekend filled with all things happy and warm and delicious.

Even the cookies know we’re traveling and expect great things.

Generally I’m a fairly anxious person – but around vacation time I turn into a true mess of nerves and emotions.

Luckily, the Husband handles this super well and while I’m busy pacing (because this is what I do when I have too much nervous energy) he finished putting all of my piles of clothes into a suitcase.  And he did it well.  All of our stuff for 2.5 weeks into a single suitcase and carry-on.  Packing success!

Ah, another reason being married is awesome – maybe your significant other will love you enough to pack for you.  Or maybe it’s another reason that living with a person who will pack for you is awesome.  OK, it’s basically just another reason that I’m continuously glad I had the good sense to marry the man I did, either way, I’m thankful!

Anyway, we were out to eat last night (Chinese food, because it will be hard to find Chinese food in Tanzania, we’re assuming) and our fortune cookies calmed me down substantially.  I wasn’t calm enough to stop pacing, but I was able to sleep!  I also ate some chocolate in the form of a cupcake – so that probably helped, too.

These were our fortunes.  And we only had to open one cookie each to find them (the clarification is necessary in case there are skeptics out there who think we opened 80 cookies to find these amazing fortunes.)  Fitting, no?!

fortune cookies

I hope you’re right little cookies, I hope you’re right.