What the heck Friday, how are you here already?!

Ah, Friday… we meet again.

Thank goodness.

This week was super-busy so I didn’t read ::gasp:: almost any articles on the internet!

Instead I:

  1. Had an extended phone convo with one of my favorite people in life
  2. Battled off this persistent cough with tons of sleep
  3. Went to CrossFit a few times (and my body is fantastically sore to prove it)
  4. Went to a happy hour that actually lasted 4 hours.  Now that’s a happy hour done correctly, in my opinion.
  5. Spent time in various church groups
  6. Caught up and drank tea with a friend who was in town

Oh, and I did that whole pesky ‘working’ thing.  And when they actually make me work at work my blogging becomes more infrequent and my browsing history is shockingly boring.

Do you feel bad for me yet?

Me neither.

Best friends come in all sizes (and this is a fairly old picture, but I still love it so I'm posting it)

Best friends come in all sizes (and no this picture has nothing to do with this week, I’m just reminiscing)

Anyway, this week I stumbled across the following gems:

“…we must stop seeing work-family policy as a women’s issue and start seeing it as a human rights issue that affects parents, children, partners, singles and elders. Feminists should certainly support this campaign. But they don’t need to own it.”

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Wandering around the internet.

This week…

I was inspired to take more and better pictures by looking through these award-winning photos.

… and there are even more of them here.

I was reminded on how to live a meaningful life.

There are way too many people who aren’t using this music site to listen to free music.  (Way better than Pandora, in my opinion).

I got motivated.

I read the most beautiful poem and found a new favorite writer.

We received this valentine yesterday, and it's definitely one of my favorite ever!  (from my best friend and her four year old son)

We received this valentine yesterday, and it’s definitely one of my favorite ever! (from my best friend and her four-year old son)

The internet and its infinite knowledge never ceases to amaze me.

This week I learned some random stuff:

  • That there are so many books I need to add to my ever-growing reading list  (Yes, I ordered two of these already)
  • Which Senators opposed the Violence Against Women Act (what.the.heck)
  • Where every single person lives in the United States (through a pretty nifty map picture)
  • About a woman who killed 3 people in 2010 and her interesting past (one of the best articles I’ve read in a while)
  • 30 elephants are killed in Tanzania every day for their tusks.  This is especially sad because we were just there and the elephants were so fun to watch!  What a gentle and beautiful species.  Conservationists predict elephants could face extinction as early as 2020.  I can’t imagine a world without elephants.
May your weekend be filled with chocolate and alcohol!  (Combined!)

May your weekend be filled with chocolate and alcohol (Combined!)

It’s Friday! (So I have some links to keep you busy while you’re pretending to work).

Gratuitous safari picture!

Gratuitous safari picture! (You’re welcome)

This week the internet taught me:

I wish I had time to read the entire internet. Except for the stuff written by crazy people.

I love articles.  Love, love, love articles.  I digest like, 100 articles/blog posts/etc per day.  I wish I were exaggerating but I really don’t think I am.  I also don’t count the articles I read so ‘100’ is a nice round approximation.

But you get the idea.

Anyway, in case I forgot to send you the link, here are the things I read, saw, and thought about this week:

  • Correlational research determines it’s (probably) beneficial for daughters to have a father with egalitarian views.
  • People still use the word ‘retard’?  Really?  This amazing family tries to put an end to that.
  • A Christian magazine weighs in on gun control and gives me something to think about.
  • I learned how to master the universe.
  • Evidently the contribution limit went up for Roth IRAs for 2013.  I can now contribute $500 additional dollars this year!
  • I read a beautiful love story.
In an unrelated note, this is a phenomenal way to spend a Thursday evening.

In an unrelated note, this is a phenomenal way to spend a Thursday evening.