Meet Us


[About Me]

Chicagoan. friend. sister. foodie. project manager. liberal. runner. consumer. accountant. feminist. baker. wannabe photographer. daughter. reader. planner. martini drinker. sports fan. christian. traveler. pet owner.

[About the Husband]

hockey player. friend. listener. technical architect. movie enthusiast. reluctant runner. Chicagoan. son. outdoorsman. mr-fix-it. brother. tech geek. cook. cuddler. helper. dog walker. coffee drinker. silly dancer.

We’re also newlyweds.

[About Us]

We met on September 3, 2010.  We moved in together sometime in March 2011 (much to our parents’ chagrin and vocal disapproval). We got engaged February 11, 2012. We adopted a little monster (dog) in March 2012. We got married on November 17, 2012.

I still haven’t changed my name and probably never will.

We don’t have a very conventional marriage by most standards, and we’re still trying to figure this whole being-together- forever thing out.  The Husband thinks it’d all be way easier if I wasn’t such a feminist.  My solution to this problem is to attempt to turn him into a feminist – which is totally working.


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