Last year at this time…

I’d like to think I’m one of those women who doesn’t celebrate the anniversary of every relationship milestone.


But, I did look at the calendar the other day and think ‘Wow, it’s almost a year since the Husband proposed!  Where the fuck heck has time gone?!’


So, I will give a head-nod to this day (which means I will fill this post with some of the pictures from our engagement photo shoot that no one has seen yet), because February 11, 2012 was one of the very happiest days of my life and I think happiness should be shared and celebrated and remembered with fond smiles and a joyful heart.


For those of you who may not remember, or who never knew:  There were photos lining an empty hallway.  There were delivery men who were moving furniture into our new apartment.  There was a long hallway and photos of our last few years and a small table set up in our still-empty family room. There was an empty apartment with just us and the ring and some photos and the glasses and bottle of champagne and rose pedals and joy.  


There was crying and laughing and disbelief.  I had my hair in a ponytail and generally looked a hot mess.  We ate brunch with my mom. We concluded the day with dinner with my dad and the Husband’s parents.  I couldn’t stop looking at the diamonds on my left hand and feeling unbelievably blessed.  There were lots of phone calls and text messages and social media postings.  Joy. There was lots and lots of joy.



I remember the whole day with a full-heart and misty eyes.  


It was everything I had ever thought it could be and more. There is not much in my life that exceeds my greatest expectations, but the Husband has surpassed them all, and this proposal was something that I couldn’t have written any better.


For a man who’s not at all romantic, the Husband outdid himself big time.


On this day in 2012, I said ‘Can I wear it?!’ by which I meant ‘yes’ and we embarked on yet another great adventure (together)!




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