I must be doing something right.

Ah, the recognition I've always dreamed of.

Ah, the recognition I’ve always dreamed of.

I like to think this recognition implies all sorts of positive things about me.

Maybe it means I have an excellent LinkedIn profile

or just a really good profile picture.

Or maybe it means that I am one of the top 10% most employable people ever.

Yep, probably all of those things.

It’s a wonder that more 6 figure job offers haven’t been flowing my way.  Or any, for that matter.

This type of email kind of reminds me of the time my friend said she got an email from OKCupid saying that she was ranked as one of the most attractive members.  And then I was instantly jealous because I received no such acknowledgement from them. (Nope, still not over it, obviously).

But I did get a husband out of the site, so I guess there’s that.

Oh what a crazy world we live in – constantly being judged by the number of clicks on a profile and the amount of strangers who attempt to send us (mostly) creepy  or pointless messages or even by the amount of ‘Likes’ we get.

Anyway, cheers to recognition, no matter how trivial!


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