My weekend included sparkles. It was great.

It was one of those weekends where i was too busy to think, much less write blog posts.  Sorry blog world / friends who are trying to keep up with me from afar.

I wish I had taken a single picture of weekend happenings… but alas, I did not.  I have no excuse for this, but I like to think it keeps my life shrouded in mystery.  Actually, it seems like the very best weekends have no pictures of them because I was too busy enjoying my time with loved ones and didn’t take a break to reach for a camera/phone.  The lack of pictures of great times always leaves me sad in retrospect, but brief breaks from technology make me exceedingly happy.

See below for a gratuitous wedding picture of my shoes to satisfy any sort of desire to see pretty things.  It’s actually relevant to this weekend because I wore them to a wedding we attended on Saturday.  Yes, I wore my wedding shoes to someone else’s wedding and it was completely fabulous and it made my heart so happy to wear them again!  Actually, I didn’t consult any sort of wedding etiquette advice column on whether it’s appropriate to wear any part of your wedding outfit to someone else’s wedding… is that super weird?!  It’s true that I had more fancy and awesome shoes than the bride, but that just can’t be helped.  Don’t judge me please.

Plus, I didn’t wear white, I wore blue.  Blue and sparkles.  Emphasis on the ‘sparkles.’  Have I mentioned I was obsessed with my wedding shoes at my wedding and continue to be obsessed today, a month later?

aren't they beautiful?

aren’t they beautiful?

Other parts of my pretty-spectacular weekend included: the husband came home and my dog-caring duties ceased. weekday christmas shopping. prosecco and seafood with brit. work christmas party. safari shopping. wedding. burger competition & bears game. beer. double date. crossfit.

I definitely don’t live the ‘simple life’ but it really is quite wonderful in its stressful and complicated way.


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