I was basically forced to eat cake for breakfast (every day this week).

My office is doing a really neat holiday website (for charity) and we were all asked to contribute something. So, being the team player than I am, I decided to ‘donate’ a cookie recipe.  The instructions were to submit a recipe and take a picture of the finished product.

No problem!  The other weekend I baked two batches of cookies and brought them into the office and was finished with the whole ‘project’ fairly painlessly (which was actually shocking considering I have quite a bad reputation in the kitchen).

these little cookies caused BIG problems.

these little cookies caused BIG problems.

Then, one of my coworkers who was in charge of putting the site together asked me to send in ‘process’ pictures of the baking process.  Well, that was unexpected.  I didn’t want to bake cookies again, so I figured the only logical thing to do was to bake something with most of the same ingredients and take pictures of that, instead – Pumpkin cake it was!

The only problem with the whole plan was I then had an entire cake. And the Husband was out of town for the week.  And somehow he misplaced the only pan I had that could transport a cake to my office or anywhere else where other people could help me eat it.

I was stuck with an entire cake.  To eat by myself.  (This is the very definition of a first world problem).

I ate pieces of cake for breakfast and dinner – averaging around 4 pieces a day.

This actually worked out pretty well because when the Husband travels for work I don’t know how to go about gathering/preparing food and I ran out of cheese and crackers… so cake seemed to be a fitting substitute.  Bonus:  I actually did manage to bring in a few slices of the cake to work (in a tiny Tupperware container) and got rave reviews – domestic success!

Anyway, the whole point is that it took me 2 batches of cookies and 1 cake to manage to complete a tiny little holiday project for work.  There was probably a more efficient way to do this, but I’m incapable of being efficient in the kitchen.  I did consider cutting down the recipe to make half a cake but it involved too much math.  Don’t judge me.

If you see pictures of me and my clothes look a bit tighter than usual, now you know why.  🙂


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