I think cohabitation is making me (even more) helpless.

The Husband has been out of town for two days.  Since I worked all day/night yesterday and have been completely preoccupied with creating Christmas presents tonight, this hasn’t been too tragic.  Actually, I’ve barely noticed he was gone (no offense, Husband).

However, my diet has definitely suffered since I’ve been forced to fend for myself.  Take tonight for example, this was my dinner:

buttered noodles.  oy vey.

buttered noodles. oy vey.

I had such high hopes for these noodles.  And by ‘high hopes’ I mean that I had originally intended to smother them in vodka sauce that I was going to heat up from a jar.  However, this plan never came to fruition because I couldn’t  open the damn jar.

And this is the point I really started to miss the Husband.

Last night I ate cake for dinner.  I also ate cake for breakfast the last two days. This is the great thing about being an adult… I can eat cake for every meal and people may judge me but no one can take my cake away!  I’d like to see them try, actually, I may stab them with my fork.  But seriously Husband, if you could hurry home and open this jar of vodka sauce so I don’t need to survive solely on naked noodles, I’d appreciate it.

I’m off to walk the little monster and drink a glass of wine and go to bed.

Good night, all!


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